About Us

PRG Group | Delivering the Golden sense of the Persia …

Zarrin Sepehr Zino Trading Company (Reg No: 6254), owner of the Persian Red Gold (PRG) Trademark, was founded in 2020 as a specialized exporter of organic foods from Iran.

Based in Birjand city in Khorasan Province of Iran, origin of the best quality Persian saffron, jujube and barberry; we are familiar with the characteristics that make these products unique more than anyone. Deciding to put the knowledge into practice, we started the business to help everyone get an authentic taste of the magical Red Gold we harbor here.

Mixing the traditional factors passed through generations here and the latest technologies for food quality, we make sure to deliver not only the ancient sense of the Persian food, but to pass all the international food standards to keep up with the new trends of the food industry.

With direct access to the best farms of the region that their quality is confirmed by the accredited laboratories, we monitor the cultivation from the start in order to guarantee the quality for sale.
This direct access leaves no place for many brokers in between and enriches the lives of the farmers living in the rural areas of the province.
Supporting the first ring of the supply chain, as one of our company’s main goals, will result in better quality, fresh products and variety.


Having all the needed certificates and legal authorities, as well as constant collaboration with food laboratories, it would be our pleasure to supply your needs and deliver the Golden sense of the Persia …