barberry juice





Barberry benefits and usages:

Iran itself is the main consumer, and the dried fruit has a deep root in Persian cuisine, adding a sour acidic yet delightful flavor to many traditional dishes, and mainly served with rice.

Zereshk is also very nutrient and contains many beneficial compounds. It has proven effects that can treat diabetes, diarrhea, blood pressure and some other heart related problems as well as cancer. It can also be a good skincare fruit to be included in your diet and fights acne.

It can be eaten raw as well as used in many dishes to add the nice tart flavor. The zereshk juice is also a great way to drink all the benefits with a lovely sour and sweet taste that can help regulating the cardiovascular system.

Other usages include making jams, wine and dressings.

PRG trading is a direct supplier and wholesaler of organic dried barberry in all sorts and all kinds to be used for different purposes. Contact us for more info.


Packaging : 230 cc | 285 cc | 700 cc  | 1000 cc


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