Persian Saffron


Persian Saffron (Aka Zaffran), is the world’s most expensive spice which is called the Red Gold!

The magical plant is native to Asia mostly and a few other places. Iran, however, owning more than 80 % of the world’s Saffron production; delivers the top quality kind of the spice.

The unique taste, spectacular smell and a wondrous flavor along with an exotic color; all and all make Persian Saffron one of a kind and a luxurious spice world-wide.

The plant is called Saffron crocus, which is a flower that blooms in autumn and the stigma, scientifically known as crocus sativus, becomes the tasty spice garnishing the Iranian cuisine as well as the Indian, Turkish and Spanish with a deep root in the history and culture of these countries.

A time around 3 years is needed for the seed to grow into a flower to harvest and the whole process is completely natural which adds to the value of the spice. Finally, the stigma of the flower is sundried to complete the process of one of the costliest spices in the world.

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Saffron usages

Irani Saffron threads release the flavor in warm water and that’s the most common way to use the spice in different dishes. The threads continue releasing the flavor for up to 24 hours and add the aroma as well as the taste and make a very popular food seasoning.

The saffron can add a special taste and color to a variety of foods and drinks including ice cream, tea, syrups, rice, desserts and many more.

Since it’s also a medicinal herb and has proven benefits for a variety of diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and etc. Researches also show that the two main compounds of saffron, Safranal and Crocin have a regulating effect on neurochemicals in body.

Saffron, has antibacterial properties, is rich in antioxidants, and is a great source of vitamins. All of this makes the red Persian gold a great first material in cosmetics industry which now widely is being used in many products especially in skincare and hair products.

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Khorasan, the origin of the best Persian Saffron!

Iran has the biggest market share in the saffron market worldwide not because of the big cultivation rate, but its unique quality. The aroma, flavor and the color of the Persian Saffron leaves no space for any rivals to compete.

Although there are different places in Iran that cultivate the flower but Khorasan region, especially Birjand and Qaenat cities (South Khorasan Prov.) with a large portion have the best quality too. The weather and the soil of these lands are just perfect to deliver the excellent product with the highest level of crocin and safaranl to reach world fame.

Persian Saffron comes in different grades based on the trim of the threads. These grades include Negin, Super Negin, Sargol, Pushal, Bunch and Konj.

Although the most popular grade is Negin, but customers mostly need to choose the grade based on their needs.

PRG trading, can walk you through choosing the suitable grade for your business and is able to supply the best quality saffron directly from verified farmers in our region, Khorasan.


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