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Kombucha health Benefits:kombucha benefit

These naturally occurring organic acids along with antioxidants, vitamins, live bacteria and enzymes have given Kombucha a global fame for doing wonders on the mind and body’s function enhancement.

It has proven to be of huge benefits for diabetes, overweight, blood pressure, MS, cancer and depression and anxiety.

Moreover, it improves the function of cardiovascular system, digestion system, liver, and immune system. Having enormous volumes of antioxidants, it’s a great choice for skincare especially in dealing with acnes and skin inflammations.


Jujube Medicinal benefits:

It has a strong position as an herbal medicine and famous Iranian physicians such as Avicenna, prescribed it for a variety of diseases such as hyperglycemia, fever, sore throat and influenza. It’s believed that the dried form has more health benefits and is rich in vitamins as well as minerals needed for body.

It leaves a positive effect on digestive system and has proved to be beneficial for dental health that prevents decay.

Also, being rich in antioxidants, it’s great for hair growth and skincare that can enhance the recovery of skin scars and make it bright.


Jujube, Kombucha Yeast, Green Tea, Sucrose, Water


Packaging : 230 cc | 285 cc | 700 cc  | 1000 cc


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